“Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination Cannot Stand” – Speech to Rally in NYC

Multiple allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh have his nomination to the Supreme Court hanging by a thread. Protests have erupted across the U.S. in hopes of stopping him and his right wing views. In New York City, on Monday, over a thousand people marched up Sixth Ave, rallied outside the Yale Club, and then committed civil disobedience in Grand Central Station where a number of activists were arrested.

Protests will continue this week. Women’s March NYC has called for a rally in Washington Square Park at 6pm on Wednesday. On Thursday, a Nationwide walkout is being called by a coalition of left groups including Socialist Alternative. The walkout will happen at 4pm followed by a rally at Trump Tower at 5pm. Below we reprint the text of the speech given by Socialist Alternative member Juliet DePaula outside the Yale Club on Monday night.

My name is Juliet. I’m a member of Socialist Alternative-CWI and I am a survivor of sexual assault. I was the same age as Dr. Ford when I experienced by first sexual assault, from a person who claimed to be my friend. Like many women across the world on Thursday, I felt the deep wounds of trauma listening to Dr. Ford’s testimony. I believe Dr. Ford is telling the truth. I’m here today to show solidarity with my fellow survivors everywhere and loudly say I believe Christine.

This is an important moment in our history. What we are witnessing is toxic masculinity being put on trial like never before. The idea that “boys will be boys” is being put to question like never before. This kind of violence starts by the system that feeds on it to survive. It is a problem perpetuated by those in power, by the elite. They need the violence of misogyny and racism to keep the working class divided. But it must end with us. Not one more teenage girl, being targeted at a high school party, and then being asked “what were you doing at that party, with boys like that?”

Ford shouldn’t have to go through this charade. Brett Kavanaugh should have been forced to withdraw on the basis of his clear right wing politics. Because of the threat he represents to Roe v Wade, to LGBTQ people, and to workers rights. He represents an existential threat to working women across the board.

We are saying here today, Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination cannot stand. If Kavanaugh is forced to withdraw, it will be due to the mass anger at sexual abuse reflected in the #MeToo movement, and not at all due to the so-called resistance of the establishment media or the corporate leadership of the Democratic Party. That’s why we need to keep the pressure as high as possible this week. Along with the McDonald’s workers going on strike against sexual assault in ten states, we must make this a consistent mass movement against rape culture and capitalism.

It is up to us ordinary working people, to the unions, the women’s organizations and other groups on the left, including my organization Socialist Alternative, to bring Kavanaugh down once and for all. The only way to defeat sexism and the power of the billionaire class is to build the widest, most organized, most class conscious and active movement of working people possible.

I believe that we will win!