Socialism 101

“Socialism” was Merriam-Webster’s most looked-up word of 2015. What does socialism mean to Socialist Alternative? The following readings present a thorough introduction to the ideas of Marxism, socialism, and struggle. If you like our ideas and share our analysis, join us!

PART ONE: Socialist Politics in the U.S. Today

  1. What We Mean by “Socialism”

  2. U.S. Politics, Trump, and the Democrats

  3. How Socialists Won in Seattle

  4. The Marxist Approach to Fighting Racism, Sexism, and Oppression

  5. Changing the World: The Role of a Revolutionary Party

PART TWO: Introducing Marxism

  1. Intro to Marxist Economics

  2. Historical Materialism – The Marxist View of How Society and Ideas Change

  3. How to Fight the Right

  4. Russia, Stalin and the Bureaucratic Counter-Revolution

  5. Reform and Revolution: The Marxist Theory of the State


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